Modern dairy farms are growing bigger and bigger and it’s everyday more difficult thinking to manage these huge numbers of animals without the support of a herd computerized management system.

The heart of our system is represented by the management software AFIFARM, within which all farmed animals are registered and to which are connected all the external electronic system that will send all their data to the software.

The farmer can’t be everywhere and the task of these systems is to draw his attention on what’s really important, monitoring all the herd and putting in the “attention list” only those animals that require particular cares or treatments (cow to be fertilized, animals suffering of mastitis or ketosis).

The herd management system AFIMILK has a modular approach. Around the software, several modules dedicated to different dairy aspects can be installed

Afiact: heat detection and registration of rest behavior of the animals, calving alerts.

Afimilk: registration of milk production, its electrical conductivity (for early mastitis detection), milking monitoring to check the operator work routines in charge of the animals health.

Afilab: for the milk quality measurement in real time, during every single milking for each cow, (fat, lactose, proteins) for the prompt warning of metabolic diseases such as ketosis or acidosis.

Afisort: automatic gate for the separation of the animals while exiting the milking parlour.

Afiweight: automatic weighing system of the animals while exiting the milking parlour.

Afifeed: automatic system for feed distribution.

Management systems