The Afimilk module is able to measure the milk produced by cows through the installation of electronic milk meters in the milking parlour (ICAR approved for cows).

The software which receives the data from the milk meters, will inform directly the farmer about the health problem linked to a production decrease, a bad start of the lactation curve after birth or an udder inflammatory condition that could turn into mastitis (using the data of the electrical conductivity).

The same milk meter checks the work quality inside the milking parlour, the so-called “milking routine” registering for instance the milk flow after the cluster joint, the order of cow’s joint in the same side and the milking anomalies (manual milked cows, multiples cow joints etc..). These data allow the farmer to verify his “milking routine” quality and if necessary, to add modifications evaluating soon after the consequences to set the best routine that can balance the milking parlour dimensions with the herd dimensions and the number of milking workers.

The Afimilk MPC milk meter is able to manage the milking parameters in individual way. We can define in fact “virtual groups” of animals (first lactation vs multiparous, cows have just given birth vs cows in most advanced lactation) and define for each category different milking parameters. Thanks to the computerized herd management, when the animals enter the milking parlour, the system identifies and milk them in a customized way, without the need of dividing them in different groups. Not anymore, the all herd milked the same way but different categories with different needs.

The milk meter nowadays represents also a tool for the control of the milking parlour washing process. Through a dedicated sensor, the MPC is able to measure and record the washing water temperature, the phases duration according to different temperatures and in the meantime, it controls the detergent concentration in the washing solution.



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