The Afifarm software is the key of the herd computerized management system. Thanks to this software the farmer monitors, in an immediate and simple way, all the crucial points of the milk productive process. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, information are proposed to the farm manager on time and in the clearest way possible.

There is no need to invest time looking for what matters in between of so many numbers. We do know well how precious the time for a farmer is. Afifarm propose automatically, through appropriate list easy to consult, which are the animals to be fertilized, the ones suspected of mastitis or ketosis. It will warn if there will be animals to be dried or about to give birth, as well as monitoring the expiry of the vaccinations, medical treatments and so on.

Thanks to the production data, registered automatically, we can check the productive status of the animals, both daily and during the whole lactation period in order to evaluate the performances of the entire herd (besides the data of the single subject). This is the specific key for the success. Be able to manage a big dimension herd by seeing it as a totality and in the meanwhile not to lose sight the needs of every single animal of the herd.




Management system modules