The Rotary milking parlour R3 is the jewel of TDM parlours, the first and only rotary entirely “Made in Italy”. Conceived to combine a heavy-duty structure, made to milk 24 hours a day, with a simple, clean and elegant design. The platform of our rotary, designed and installed by TDM in every single component, is realized in short time through a modular bolted structure. Then the concrete base is poured on this structure. The cage is composed by vertical inox cabinet for the housing of removal cylinder, the milk meter keyboard and the openable inox plate for washing system. The rotation mechanism on wheels made of Teflon is managed by oleo dynamic motors. The platform is inclined towards the inside of the central hole but the water does not fall inside the rotary but it is recovered and carried externally through an appropriate gathering system. The rear milking is supported by a dedicated positioning arm, designed specifically for the TDM rotary.

Available both in galvanized iron and stainless steel, our rotary milking parlour is characterized by the care of details and the attention dedicated to every aspect of the installation. The rotary is certainly the system which allows the farmer to reach the best performances in terms of cow/milking hour but, to make this happen, it is essential to let the rotary works continuously and that the animals enter and exit from the parlour in maximum calmness and naturalness.

Very important to obtain the best result, more in this parlour model than in the others, is the presence of the backing gate which allows the loading of animals in groups, one after another, in order to keep the rotary active by a constant flow of animals.

If you are thinking about a solution with a rotary milking parlour you can contact us to evaluate a project that meets your livestock’s requirements.

Several optional and automations are available for our rotary milking parlour to allow you to realize the one best suited to satisfy your requirements.


Technical Characteristics

  • Squared section tubulars
  • Stall interaxe on external diameter 95 cm
  • Number of stalls from up to 40
  • In galvanized iron or stainless steel
  • Movement by hydraulic motors
  • Available with customized feed distribution
  • Available with Backflush (washing clusters after each every cow milking)
  • Available with electronics milk meters and computerized management system